In addition to being the inventor and designer of the negative pressure monitors, Airtocheck is also the manufacturer. We are very enthusiastic about the results and therefore cannot wait to show you how much better, simpler and more efficient the registration of measurement data can be.

In addition to products such as the negative pressure monitor, Airtocheck also offers services such as linking the registration of your measurement data to various subscription types. Please have a look at our products to see what we can offer you!


The publication of the Official Gazette states that negative pressure must always be measured and registered, even if no asbestos removal activities are carried out. This has led to major problems in the past for many asbestos removal companies.

Airtocheck is now offering you the option of viewing all measurements of the monitor on the website, ensuring that your data will always be available to you and, if necessary, allowing you to create an overview of your measurement data, wherever you are.


airtocheck monitor plus smartphone