A digital monitor with two or four channels is used to measure the negative air pressure.

Negative pressure monitor

Our negative pressure monitor is available as Touch and Touch web-based model. The Touch web-based model sends the measurement data directly to your personal page on the Airtocheck website. The Touch model will send SMS warning messages to the user if the measurement values fall outside the limits.

2-channel Touch
4-channel Touch
2-channel Touch web-based*
4-channel Touch web-based*

Touch: Printer, SMS option, SD card.

Touch web-based: Online, printer, SMS option, SD card.

* choice of 3 subscriptions: only SMS, only data, or SMS and data.


In addition to its hardware, Airtocheck has also provided a list of its online services for you; have a look:


The measurement data of your monitor is registered online on the Airtocheck website. Logging in on the Airtocheck website grants you access to all of your data. Only you can access your data. The main purpose of the Airtocheck website is to securely store this data for you. Airtocheck does not have access to your data.

In addition to providing an overview of the measurement data, our website will also allow you to create projects. You can register the location of your monitors, as well as create users that can be linked to the relevant monitors, among other options.

Data centre

All of your data will be securely stored in a well-protected data centre in Haarlem. Only you can access the data.


Airtocheck can offer three subscriptions:

  • An annual subscription with an SMS bundle of 250 SMS messages per month (€ 17.50 p/m and € 0.05 per message outside the bundle)
  • An annual subscription with only data. (€ 17.50 p/m)
  • An annual subscription with Data + an SMS bundle of 250 SMS messages per month (€ 25 p/m and € 0.05 per message outside the bundle)


Model RM-402T / RM404T
Size 33.5 cm x 29 cm x 14.5 cm
Weight 3.4 kg
Voltage 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz 25W
Battery Standby Time 7 hours (Depending on usage of the number of channels and accessories)
Temperature Operational at 0-40°C
Pressure range -40 / +1 Pa
Display 4,3” TFT Touchscreen
Relay control All channels
Internal memory 4 days (Depending on the number of channels used)
SD card Yes
Measurement points 2 or 4 channels
Case Splash-proof, shock-proof
Printer Thermal
Connections External speaker, External relay
Including User Manual, 8 mm tube (3 meters), SD card and power adapter
Web-based Optional

 Download the specifications | PDF